Patients have come to us to provide them with attention to their needs and they expect us to help them be healthier so they can smile, eat and kiss with confidence. So in the end they can enjoy life! Many patients have not seen a dentist in years, usually because of fear generated by a far away bad experience in a dental office. We strive to provide a way to help you cope with your fears by treating you in a caring, compassionate manner. We also have ways of providing oral sedation at each visit, that helps you feel more relaxed and less fearful at each visit.

Why don’t you read what some of the people we have helped have to say about their experiences:





Before I had my teeth fixed I wasn't able to enjoy a simple steak dinner and I didn't smile.  Now I smile a lot because I feel more confident.  Did I mention that I can eat steak?  I can even whistle now.  I want to thank Dr. Jonathan Okabe so much for helping me to regain my life.

Mike M.





At first, all of the work that I needed worried me. During our first meeting, Dr. Okabe assured me that they would do all they could in a timely manner. Several months later, I am here before you now with a wonderful smile. And I know others will feel the same. Thank you Dr. Okabe and staff.

With a new smile and confidence, R. U.

Thank you Dr. Jonathan Okabe. You are the Best Dentist Ever.

My daughter had the worst adult upper teeth on both sides; and she was very unhappy with them. Only you, Dr. Okabe, had not only the “courage, the care, the ability, and the know how”, performed the most miraculous implants. My daughter is very, very, very happy with her five upper implants. Dr. Okabe’s dental performance was without pain for my daughter!!!

Also, thank you for the replacement bottom dental work on my husband which replaced one that was made six months ago. A most thorough absolutely professional dental services. You, Dr. Okabe, are to be the most highly commended for your most caring, excellent, professional, and artistic dental abilities.

Thank you and very respectfully, Merle.